The class DP is defined as the set of languages L for which there are two languages $L1 \in NP$ , $L2 \in coNP$ such that $L = L1 \cap L2$. (Do not confuse DP with $NP \cap coNP$, which may seem superficially similar.) Show that


(b) Every language in DP is polynomial-time reducible to EXACT INDSET.

Exercise 8, page 12

Clarifications: EXACT INDSET = {<G, k> : the largest independent set in G has size exactly k}.

Thoughts: I know that INDSET is NP-COMPLETE.


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Hint: show that $\texttt{EXACT INDSET} = \texttt{INDSET}\cap L$ with: $$L = \{\langle G, k\rangle \mid G \text{ has no independent set of size }\geqslant k + 1\}$$ and show that $L$ is $\text{co}\mathsf{NP}$-complete.

  • $\begingroup$ can you help me a bit with proving that L is coNP-complete? $\endgroup$
    – Hjm
    Jan 10 at 8:16

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