As we know, if we want to make a $LR(0)$ (say) parsing table for a context free grammar (CFG), we prepare the $LR(0)$ itemsets with $.$ (dot) in RHS of the CFG production.

With this $.$ we keep track of characters that compiler has seen yet, and continue to make states of these itemsets, which ultimately make a deterministic finite machine (DFA).

Formation of DFA is natural, as the compiler will visit the *finite* states *deterministically*.

My question is, **what does the regular language of this DFA signify?**


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For grammar $$ S \rightarrow Sa | b $$ The following represents the $LR(0)$ itemset and its finite automata. (ignore the $ symbol) FA of LR0 Itemsets

If every state is final state of the above $FA$, it would recognise $\{\epsilon, b, S, Sa \}$ , hence this is set of all viable prefixes, which are defined as the prefixes of right sentential forms that can appear on the stack of a shift-reduce parser.


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