Wikipedia says:

The algorithm loops through each node of the graph, in an arbitrary order, initiating a depth-first search that terminates when it hits any node that has already been visited since the beginning of the topological sort or the node has no outgoing edges (i.e., a leaf node)

Consider this graph:

an example graph

If I start from the node A, then my DFS goes to C, then the order A, C, ... is created. But next I go to the node B and it gets wrong order A, C, B.

What do I misunderstand?

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    – porton
    Commented Apr 25 at 19:34

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Main misunderstanding is when nodes are added to the answer - you add them when you leave them, right before/at backtracking

So you check A, check C, find that C is terminal - so you add C at the end of the answer

_ , _ , C

Then you roll back to A, check next child - B. Realise B only goes to an already visited node C, so it's "terminal" - add B to the latest available slot in the answer

_ , B , C


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