When I was studying Comp Sci, we had Garey & Johnson as a course textbook, with a large collection of NP-Complete problems. But by that time you could also have a look at the Compendium of NP Optimization Problems, online.

However, it seems the 'Compendium' site has not seen any updates in several years. Is that indeed the case? Is there a more up-to-date compendium (perhaps in print) which accounts for further research and contains more problems in more domains?


I know of no compendium that is completely satisfactory in any regard. It seems to be too much of a thankless task maintaining these things, thus I suspect that broad answer to your question is, unfortunately, no.

However, there are several resources which, together, are at least a good start for any search.

In this case, Wikipedia is a fairly decent resource (I guess the contribution model helps overcome some of the problems with a single-curator approach, but you lose the consistency).

If you're interested in Parameterized Complexity, Marco Cesati began a compendium of problems, but like Kann, has (understandably) not kept up with the updates. There's also an online compendium, but it is less comprehensive.

A similar question was also asked on cstheory, attracting a couple of answers, one that caught my eye was the Encyclopedia of Algorithms. I cannot personally vouch for it, but it at least looks useful, or at least useful enough to convince a university library to buy.


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