It seems to me that the per-record timeline consistency as defined by Cooper et al. in "PNUTS: Yahoo!’s Hosted Data Serving Platform" mimics the (older?) definition of monotonic writes. From the paper:

per-record timeline consistency: all replicas of a given record apply all updates to the record in the same order.

This is quite similar to a definition for monotonic writes:

A write operation by a process on data item x is completed before any successive write operation on x by the same process.

Can I conclude that those things are the same, or is there a difference that I misunderstand? Note that the link above also mentions possible copies of data item x, so monotonic write includes replicas.


I'm not sure these two concepts are really comparable.

monotonic writes is a client based consistency model. It defines what a process sees.

per-record timeline consistency strikes me as a memory based model. It doesn't even mention what a client sees or does.

So I would say they are not same or even comparable.


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