Is it more plausible that $NP\subseteq TIME[O(n^{\log n})]$ than $NP\subseteq P$? I don't see this mentioned much and is there a reason why? If this question doesn't make sense, explain why.

  • $\begingroup$ Notice that, for every $c$, $n^{\log n} > n^c$ eventually. (Actually, this happens exactly when $\log n > c$.) $n^{\log n}$ grows faster than any polynomial. $\endgroup$
    – usul
    Apr 23 '14 at 1:28

It is definitely more plausible, for the simple reason that $NP \subseteq TIME[O(n^{\log n})]$ is implied by $NP \subseteq P$. However, it is conjectured that $NP$ requires exponential time (this is known as the Exponential Time Hypothesis), and so both statements are conjectured to be false.


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