Is the following FOL-problem (equality is a logical symbol) effectively decidable?

Given. A finite equation system $E$ and an equation $s = t$.

Question. Is there a substitution $\sigma$, such that $\sigma(E) \models \sigma(s = t)$?

Some useful information.

  1. Obviously one can restrict $\sigma$ to be a ground substitution.

  2. This problem is decidable: Given a finite system $E$ of
    ground equations and a ground equation $s = t$, does $E \models s = t$
    hold? (c.f. [1: Corollary 4.3.6])


[1] Franz Baader, Tobias Nipkow: Term Rewriting and All That, © 1998 Cambridge University Press.


This problem is known as rigid E-unification. This problem is NP-complete. The first proof was given by Gallier, Narendran, Plaisted and Snyder [1].

However a related problem, the Simultaneous rigid E-unification that is to find a substitution that simultaneously satisfies several instances of rigid E-unification is undecidable. This result was proved by Degtyarev and Voronkov [2].


  1. Jean H. Gallier, Paliath Narendran, David A. Plaisted, Wayne Snyder: Rigid E-Unification: NP-Completeness and Applications to Equational Matings Inf. Comput. 87(1/2): 129-195 (1990)

  2. Anatoli Degtyarev, Andrei Voronkov: The Undecidability of Simultaneous Rigid E-Unification. Theor. Comput. Sci. 166(1&2): 291-300 (1996)

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