From page 31 of The algebra of programming :

Next, consider the squaring functor $()^2: Fun \leftarrow Fun$ defined by

$$ A^2 = \{(a, b) | a \in A, b \in B\} \\ f^2(a, b) = (f a, f b) $$

Functors are required to preserve identities and composition:

$$ F(id_A) = id_{FA} \\ F(f \circ g) = Ff \circ Fg $$

The second property is easy:

$$ (f \circ g)^2 (a, b) = ((f\circ g) (a), (f\circ g) b) \\ (f^2 \circ g^2) (a, b) = f^2 (g (a), g (b)) = ((f\circ g) (a), (f\circ g) (b)) $$

But I can't figure out how the squaring functor preserve the identity property. Could anyone help?


Ok, I have worked it out:

$$ id^2 (a, b) = (id(a), id(b)) = (a, b) = id_{A^2} (a, b) $$


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