Just like the title says. I need to use a SAT solver on a series of CNF formulas but not only do I need an answer of the type satisfiable/unsatisfiable but also some subset of clauses whose conjunction is still unsatisfiable (the unsatisfiability core).

I have read somewhere that it is possible to hack the code of some SAT solver (like MiniSAT) to produce UNSAT core, but I don't feel competent enough to actually do it. I was hoping that somebody else have already done it and have uploaded the code somewhere, but either that is not the case or I suck at Googling.


MUSer2 is probably the tool for extracting minimal unsatisfiable cores (MUS) currently. It treats the SAT solver as a black box, so you can plug in any solver you want.

If you want a solver with MUS extraction capability, the newest version of PicoSAT comes with a utility tool PicoMUS that does the job.


For the Java world: Sat4j also has a MUS extraction tool, buried in the org.sat4j.tools package.

AllMUSes musFinder = new AllMUSes(SolverFactory.instance());
ISolver solver = musFinder.getSolverInstance();

// add clauses to solver . . .

List<IVecInt> muses = musFinder.computeAllMUSes();

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