I'm trying to build a grammar that violate only the 3rd rule. I'm trying to figure out what kind of grammar would not respect that.

I think the grammar has to be left-recursive to not respect it.

if $\beta \Rightarrow^* \epsilon$ then $\alpha$ does not derive any string beginning with a terminal in $\mathop {FOLLOW}(A)$. Where $A \to \alpha \mid \beta$

Am I right to think that?

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    $\begingroup$ What "rules" are you talking about? Presumably it is enough to just add a production (or two) that violate the rule. $\endgroup$ – vonbrand Feb 18 '16 at 23:34
  • $\begingroup$ Added the rule. $\endgroup$ – Laura Feb 18 '16 at 23:47

Something like the following:

$\begin{align} S &\to A a \\ A &\to a \mid \epsilon \end{align}$

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  • $\begingroup$ So it has to be left recursive? $\endgroup$ – Laura Feb 19 '16 at 0:09
  • $\begingroup$ @Laura this isn't recursive (no right hand side contains the non-terminal at the left), even less left-recursive $\endgroup$ – vonbrand Feb 19 '16 at 0:30
  • $\begingroup$ ok so FOLLOW(A) = {a,$} in this case. And FIRST(S) = {a} $\endgroup$ – Laura Feb 19 '16 at 0:48
  • $\begingroup$ @Laura, what is important is that $A \Rightarrow^* \epsilon$, $\mathop{FIRST}(A) = \{a\}$ and $\mathop{FOLLOW}(A) = \{a\}$, so $\mathop{FIRST}(A) \cap \mathop{FOLLOW}(A) \ne \varnothing$ $\endgroup$ – vonbrand Feb 19 '16 at 1:21

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