Are there any known algorithms for formulated problems that require a SPACE complexity of O(sqrt(N))? I know that algorithms with that big-O time complexity exist.

  • $\begingroup$ For an important problem called 3sum, there is the following trade-off. If you want $O(n^2)$ time, the best-known space complexity is $O(\sqrt{n})$. See arxiv.org/abs/1605.07285 $\endgroup$
    – eig
    Jan 12, 2017 at 19:55

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$\sqrt{n}$ space is somewhat unusual; the most likely reason for such a complexity to emerge is as a result of a so-called meet in the middle scheme.

Two notable examples off the top of my head are the classical sieve of Eratosthenes and the baby-step giant-step algorithm for the discrete logarithm over a finite group.


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