Assuming the regular Heap ADT.

What is the time complexity of getting its size ?

I tend to think that because insert is O(log(n)), then I always know the last index of my heap. So in order to get its size all I need is to return the last index + 1.

However I have seen in some places that refer to the size of the heap's complexity as O(n), since I need to count all the nodes in my heap.

Why am I wrong ?


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If you're talking about an ADT, you can't really say. It depends on the implementation. You can certainly do it in O(1) (for example by keeping a counter).


Depends on how you implement your ADT heap. You can expand size as a counter of next operations. In that manner, if you are using

  • an external counter: $O(1)$
  • a stack: $O(n)$
  • a binary tree: $O(logn)$
  • a hash: $O(k)$ ($k$ is the average collisions)

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