For a given input $N$, how many times does the enclosed statement executes?

for $i$ in $1\ldots N$ loop
$\quad$for $j$ in $1\ldots i$ loop
$\quad$$\quad$for $k$ in $i\ldots j$ loop
$\quad$$\quad$$\quad$$sum = sum + i$ ;
$\quad$$\quad$end loop;
$\quad$end loop;
end loop;

Can anyone figure out an easy way or a formula to do this in general. Please explain.


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You need to solve simple formula


this will give you overall result of


Math is easy to do here but I used Wolfram Alpha


What you really count in the variable $\text{sum}$ are triples of the form $$\{ (a,b,c) \mid 1\le a<b<c\le N\}.$$

Clearly there are $N(N-1)(N-2)$ triples of different elements. Since you only consider sorted triples, you only count one of the possible $6=3!$ permutations for every triple containing $a,b,c$. Therefore you overcount by a factor of $6$, and this gives you $\text{sum}=N(N-1)(N-2)/6$.


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