2.(10 pts) a) You are given 4 processes in a batch system that all arrive at time 0 with the following CPU burst times:
P1 : 35, P2: 25, P3: 13, P4: 22. Assuming there is no context switch overhead, draw a time line chart (Gantt chart) showing when each process executes under each of the following scheduling algorithms:

SJN (Shortest Job Next).

Round Robin with a quantum of 10.

Answer - https://i.sstatic.net/tgMuZ.jpg

I don't fully understand how to get the turning or waiting time.

Waiting time I'm assuming is (95+90+88+63)/4

Turn around time is P1 = 95 - 0 = 95 or 95 - 25 or 95 - 10? same goes for P2, P3, P4


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Turn Around time= Completion time - Arrival Time


Waiting time= Turn Around time - Burst time

enter image description here


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