I'm confused about this exercise.

We have assembly code:

01: ADDI $1, $0, 1000 
02: LW   $2, 0($1) 
03: BEQ  $0, $0, LABEL  
04: MULT $3, $2  
05: ADDI $2, $2, 1000 
06: MFLO $4  
07: ADDI $2, $1, 5 
08: SW   $2, 0($1) 
09: NOP 

- 6-stages Pipeline
- Branch Delay Slot
- No Bypassing

Is this correct?
enter image description here

Does the Instruction in Branch Delay Slot effect on/by the others Instructions. For example here:
02: LW \$2, 0(\$1) and 04: MULT \$3, \$2
04: MULT \$3, \$2 and 06: MFLO \$4

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