Assuming I have a schema depicted in the image here, showing relationships(specialization) between Staffs, Academic Staffs and Non Academic Staffs. Is it possible to have a query that retrieves the department and level if the staff is an academic staff or state and unit if it is a non academic staff based on type attribute in the staff entity?

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For MS-SQL (MySQL should be very similar):



CREATE TABLE Staff( id int PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, type varchar(45) ) CREATE TABLE Acad( id int PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, dep varchar(45) ) CREATE TABLE Non( id int PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, unit varchar(45) ) INSERT INTO Staff(id, type) Values (1, 'acad'), (2, 'non') INSERT INTO Acad Values (1, 'department') INSERT INTO Non Values (2, 'unit')


SELECT * FROM Staff S LEFT JOIN Acad A ON S.id = A.id AND s.type = 'acad' LEFT JOIN Non N ON S.id = N.id AND s.type = 'non'

I don't think you can get anything conceptually better without using T-SQL (loops and dynamic code generation).


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