I understand intuitively that gear bits in the massively successful Turing Tumble game (funded by kickstarter) are necessary for Turing completeness*.

I had a fantasy about building a computer with the Lego racetracks which have Y junctions operated by gates. Going into a branching path, the gate controls the car's path, and going the opposite direction the car flips the gate. example of Lego Racers gates If you linked the gates together, it could be Turing complete. It's a different twist on the same idea as Turing Tumble.

No matter my intuitive grasp, I couldn't adequately explain to a coworker why this linking is necessary.

Here's a diagram of classes of automata. automata classes In a formal but understandable manner, please explain to which class Turing Tumble without gear bits belongs to* and why. With gear bits, explain why Turing Tumble becomes Turing complete*.

* up to memory constraints
  • $\begingroup$ A turing tumble link would be helpful and photo wouldn't hurt. Removing the lego bits could also make it more approachable. $\endgroup$ – NonlinearFruit Oct 11 '18 at 19:49
  • $\begingroup$ Is the turing tumble proven to be turing complete? $\endgroup$ – NonlinearFruit Oct 11 '18 at 19:50

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