Why the part highlighted the following picture is need? I've been trying to follow to logic flow of it as follow:

Imaging a Situation:

Two processes enter/call F, first A, second B:

Process A: mutex(value: 1 -> 0) enter the body of F, then calls x.wait(), so mutex(value: 0 -> 1) but this process into waiting state because x_sem(value: 0 -> -1) and now count(value: 0 -> 1). Process B: mutex(value: 1 -> 0) also enter the body of F, then calls x.signal(), so since count > 0 pass, next_count(value: 0 -> 1). Now, only at this moment next_count > 0 will pass, but Process B still holding the mutex.

So why the part I highlighted is needed?

The book I'm reading is "Operating System Concepts, 9th ed., pages 229~230."

moni_sema1 moni_sema2


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