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Understanding time complexity of algorithm to determine if parenthesis are matching

Both these algorithms determine if all the parenthesis in a string are balanced and properly nested. The first algorithm uses "a constant amount of memory, regardless of the length of the string.&...
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Time complexity of this for-loop

I know, the inner loop here is O(log n). But, I get confused by the multiplication in the outer loop part. ...
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Implement Immediate Smaller Element problem using Stack

Immediate Smaller Element Problem: Given an integer array arr of size $n$. For each element in the array, check whether the right adjacent element (on the next ...
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How to calculate the basic steps in Fibonacci sequences to get nFn and n^2

I am reading Algorithms by Sanjoy Dasgupta, Umesh Vazirani, Christos Papadimitriou and I am trying to understand how the number of steps $nF_n$ and $n^2$ were calculated. Here's the part of the book ...
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Computational complexity of generating a random vector

I'm new to the concept of computational complexity and trying to understand the topic in depth. I went through some references mentioned by some old questions, however, I had this question and not ...
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What are elementary operations in time complexity definition?

Wikipedia gives us the following defintion of time complexity: "In computer science, the time complexity is the computational complexity that describes the amount of time it takes to run an ...
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How to find the big o running time if the recursion function have different cases of recursion with different fraction of n?

How to find the big o running time if the recursion function have different cases of recursion with different fraction of n? If I have a recursive function like this for example (This is just an ...
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What counts as an operation?

Apologies for the newbie question, but I am a bit confused about what exactly counts as a "simple operation" when working out the time complexity of an algorithm. In particular, why do we consider all ...
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Worst case time complexity of heap sort

I was learning about heaps, and came to know that the worst case time complexity of heap sort is Ω(n lg n). I am having a hard time grasping this. My reasoning is as follows: ...
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How could a total asymptotic runtime exceed the upper bound of an algorithm's runtime?

This question is specifically related to The $gcd(x,y)$ is solved in $O(T(n) log n)$, where $n$ is the number of bits ...
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What exactly is bigO notation? [duplicate]

I've heard of bigO notation but I don't really understand how do I determine it for my code and what exactly does it represent? I heard that there are two: RunTime Memory Complexity How can I learn ...
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Big-Oh of algorithm

I found an algorithm which sorts the digits of a number to its smallest form. IE 54321 ==> 12345. The algorithm looks like: ...
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Reasoning on Efficiency (2)

Two algorithms to solve a particular problem can have theur efficiency compared using the $O$ and $o$ notation. However, this is very crude method, and tells us no information on how more effective ...
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Recurrence for quaternary search algorithm

I have to come up with the recurrence for the quaternary search algorithm. My initial thought is $T(n)=4T(\frac{n}{4})+c$ because the algorithm examines all four subproblems, and each is one quarter ...
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Algorithm Time complexity analysis for algorithm having two different time complexities

I'm implementing an algorithm that analyze several properties on large set of integers, the time complexity is bound to $N$ (set length) and $M$ (bits to represent the numbers). I'm having some ...
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