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How to find close match of levenshtein distance [duplicate]

Let's say we have some function, float distance(String a, String b) { /*...*/ } to find the Levenshtein distance between two strings, and we have a large array ...
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Efficient data structures for building a fast spell checker

I'm trying to write a spell-checker which should work with a pretty large dictionary. I really want an efficient way to index my dictionary data to be used using a Damerau-Levenshtein distance to ...
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What is an efficient data structure for prefix matching?

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How fast can we identifiy almost-duplicates in a list of strings?

I'm having trouble figuring out the upper bound running time for this scenario: Input: $N$ number of strings $M$ upper bound of string length $T$ threshold for edit distance (2 strings with a ...
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How to compare/cluster millions of strings?

I have around 1,000,000 of strings of variable length (from 200 to 50000) that can contain 5 characters (A, B, C, D, E). What I actually want is to cluster them together if they are similar enough. ...
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Large-scale string clustering

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Matching strings in one set to strings in another based on Levenshtein distance

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Approximate Similarity Search

I am implementing an approximate similarity search using multi-index hashing. I have a set (T) of millions of strings (of same length) and I have a query string(P) (or set of strings) that needs to ...
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Title matching against human input

I am attempting to match human input of titles to a list of titles, and also show likely candidates when a human enters a title not known. Ideally I'd also have some way to suggest the human input of ...
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How to check rapidly if an element is present in a large set of data

I am trying to harvest scientific publications data from different online sources like Core, PMC, arXiv etc. From these sources I keep the metadata of the articles (title, authors, abstract etc.) and ...
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