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A* (A-star) path finding in continuous environments with "sticky slower" areas

I have a search problem, finding the shortest path for 3 vehicles to their parking spots, in a continuous environment (inputs are continuous for velocity, turn speed) and the location is continuous, ...
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Comparing classical tree-search algorithms (BFS,DFS,A*,IDS) - when to use one or the other?

I have a question about classical tree-search algorithms as I will have an exam soon and this is the type of questions they might be asking. Although I know how to compare the complexities, optimality,...
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Finding multiple paths through a grid such that every grid square is equally used

Setup Here’s the setup: I have an $N$ x $N$ grid of tiles, and a list of $M$ agents that need to move across the grid. Each agent has its own start tile $S(a)$, end tile $E(a)$, and an exact number ...
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Heuristic for searching for solutions on an 8-puzzle variant with non-unique tiles

I'm trying to perform an A* search on a particular N-puzzle variant in which some tiles are identical. More specifically, assuming an $m \times m$ grid, there are m colors with m tiles of each. The ...
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Simplified Memory Bounded A*

I have been studying the SMA* algorithm and I am having trouble understanding the backup operation. Specifically, I don't understand why the f value of a child node should be the maximum of its own f ...
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Optimality of A* algorithm

In the book Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach 4th edition, the author claims that the A* algorithm is cost-optimal if the heuristic function is ...
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A* (A-star) search algorithm including closest distance from a node to an obstacle in heuristic and step cost

I want to include the distance of a node to the closest obstacle in the cost function, so that the path length is not only minimal, but also not near obstacles. We know that: Dijkstra's algorithm uses ...
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How is this "pathmax modification," $f(n^\prime) = \max(g(n^\prime) + h(n^\prime), f(n))$, useful?

I am studying the concept of heuristics in search algorithms, and the $A^*$ search algorithm in particular. I am told the following: Greedy search minimises estimated path-cost to goal. But it's ...
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Using A* path finding is giving me inaccurate results

So I am using A* pathfinding to find a path from a person, to a node on a graph. This person has a few 'must pass' nodes that they must go through. So my solution was to run the algorithm for each of ...
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How can an A* algorithm visit all nodes?

Is it possible to find the shortest path and visit all the nodes in a graph by A* algorithm? If yes, how?
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