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Questions tagged [algorithms]

An algorithm is a sequence of well-defined steps that defines an abstract solution to a problem. Use this tag when your issue is related to design and analysis of algorithms.

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4 answers

The time complexity of finding the diameter of a graph

What is the time complexity of finding the diameter of a graph $G=(V,E)$? ${O}(|V|^2)$ ${O}(|V|^2+|V| \cdot |E|)$ ${O}(|V|^2\cdot |E|)$ ${O}(|V|\cdot |E|^2)$ The diameter of a ...
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How to come up with the runtime of algorithms? [duplicate]

I've not gone much deep into CS. So, please forgive me if the question is not good or out of scope for this site. I've seen in many sites and books, the big-O notations like $O(n)$ which tell the ...
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Efficient compression of unlabeled trees

Consider unlabeled, rooted binary trees. We can compress such trees: whenever there are pointers to subtrees $T$ and $T'$ with $T = T'$ (interpreting $=$ as structural equality), we store (w.l.o.g.) $...
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Type-checking algorithms

I am starting a personal bibliographic research on type-checking algorithms and want some tips. What are the most commonly used type-checking algorithms, strategies and general techniques? I am ...
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18 votes
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Is this finite graph problem decidable? What factors make a problem decidable?

I want to know if the following problem is decidable and how to find out. Every problem I see I can say "yes" or "no" to it, so are most problems and algorithms decidable except a few (which is ...
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How fundamental are matroids and greedoids in algorithm design?

Initially, matroids were introduced to generalize the notions of linear independence of a collection of subsets $E$ over some ground set $I$. Certain problems that contain this structure permit greedy ...
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Are there improvements on Dana Angluin's algorithm for learning regular sets

In her 1987 seminal paper Dana Angluin presents a polynomial time algorithm for learning a DFA from membership queries and theory queries (counterexamples to a proposed DFA). She shows that if you are ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Algorithm to test whether a binary tree is a search tree and count complete branches

I need to create a recursive algorithm to see if a binary tree is a binary search tree as well as count how many complete branches are there (a parent node with both left and right children nodes) ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Is Smoothed Analysis used outside academia?

Did the smoothed analysis find its way into main stream analysis of algorithms? Is it common for algorithm designers to apply smoothed analysis to their algorithms?
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2 answers

Random Sudoku generator

I want to generate a completely random Sudoku. Define a Sudoku grid as a $9\times9$ grid of integers between $1$ and $9$ where some elements can be omitted. A grid is a valid puzzle if there is a ...
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How does one know which notation of time complexity analysis to use?

In most introductory algorithm classes, notations like $O$ (Big O) and $\Theta$ are introduced, and a student would typically learn to use one of these to find the time complexity. However, there are ...
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4 answers

Evaluating the average time complexity of a given bubblesort algorithm.

Considering this pseudo-code of a bubblesort: ...
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7 answers

Generating Combinations from a set of pairs without repetition of elements

I have a set of pairs. Each pair is of the form (x,y) such that x,y belong to integers from the range [0,n). So, if the n is 4, then I have the following pairs: <...
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Why is quicksort better than other sorting algorithms in practice?

In a standard algorithms course we are taught that quicksort is $O(n \log n)$ on average and $O(n^2)$ in the worst case. At the same time, other sorting algorithms are studied which are $O(n \log n)$ ...
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Methods to evaluate a system of written rules

I was trying to come up with a system that would evaluate bylaws for an organization as to determine their underlying logic. I think a first-order predicate system would work for representing the ...
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Find all the special graphs which can reduced to the shortest paths graph

I have a directed weighted graph $G = (V, E, W)$. There is always an edge from a vertex $i$ to another one $j$, the weight $w(i,j)$ could be positive infinity, and there does not exist any negative ...
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Subset sum, pseudo-polynomial time dynamic programming solution?

I found the P vs NP problem some time ago and I have recently worked on the subset sum problem. I have read Wikipedia article on the Subset Sum problem as well as the question Subset Sum Algorithm I ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Is there a difference between top-down and bottom-up dynamic programming?

Is there a fundamental difference between top-down and bottom-up dynamic programming? In particular, is there a problem which can be solved bottom-up but not top-down? Or is the bottom-up approach ...
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Compression of domain names

I am curious as to how one might very compactly compress the domain of an arbitrary IDN hostname (as defined by RFC5890) and suspect this could become an interesting challenge. A Unicode host or ...
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