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Questions tagged [answer-set-programming]

ASP (Answer Set Programming) is a form of declarative programming oriented towards NP-hard search problems

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Guarantee the solvability of conditional, but cyclic dependencies

I have a bunch of values, some that are given by an end user input and some that are calculated based on that input. The way that the values are calculated are input by a different group of users of ...
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Given an answer set program X how do you identify an answer set for X

How do you identify the answer sets for II if you know what the answer set program II looks like? Here is the problem: The answer is suppose to be 1 and 3. Here is what I am thinking, starting with ...
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Answer Set Program to SAT translation

During the presentation (a talk) Answer Set Programming: Boolean Constraint Solving for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Torsten Schaub (University of Postdam) stated around twenty-one minutes ...
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Explanation of the Gelfond Lifschitz reduct

Can someone explain with a hands on example how the Gelfond Lifschitz reduct works in order to check stable model semantics? edit a simple example here - at least as far as I understand the thing. ...
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How logic programming (especially ASP) is related to the reasoning in (first-order) logic?

How logic programming (, especially answer set programming) is related to the reasoning in the (first-order) logic? Maybe logic programming can be ...
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What is an $NP^{NP}$-complete problem? [duplicate]

So in this paper I'm reading (, the authors talk about an $NP^{NP}$-complete problem, in relation to Answer Set Programming. I know what P, NP, etc. ...
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Why Is Alloy not an Answer Set Programming system?

Alloy's front page doesn't mention ASP, but the description sounds like ASP (finding solutions consistent with a logical spec). And Alloy isn't listed in the Wikipedia ASP article. Yet ASP systems ...
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Abduction in ASP

Well, forgive my ignorance about the matter as I have been playing with ASP for the last couple of days. Consider this simple example p. s :- p. And the ...
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