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Applications of ω-automaton in engineering

Finite automaton is a well-known topic which finds applications in software engineering (e.g. pattern matching or regular expressions in general). ω-automaton are another kind of automaton, defined ...
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Processes with communication exclusive from the OS

Most OSes use the message passing system to let 2 processes communicated with each other.This works by a shared mailbox between the OS and each process loaded in the RAM however are there processes ...
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Any ideas for Parallel Computing Project?

I have to make an application as my Parallel Computing university course project. The application should make use of parallel processing. Any ideas or examples for these kinds of applications ??
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The practical importance of Graph Isomorphism Problem

It is known that Graph Isomorphism is important in chemistry (studying molecule structures) and in chip design. Are there other applications of significant practical importance, and how much money is ...
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Could an application capture and log a user's actions on another 3rd party software. If yes, how?

Could an application be built such that it could track a user's actions on a particular software and log them? For example, could an application track a user's actions on MS Word, noting down when the ...
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Why can't we mimic a dog's ability to smell COVID?

As far as I can tell, we have invented tools and algorithm to: Detect a wider range of colors at a larger range than humans or any other animals on the planet Detect sound with wavelengths ...
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Cloud computing application [closed]

Question I want to analyze the potential of a cloud computing application that performs payroll and invoicing over the Internet from a large Internet company.I want also to describe the systems ...
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Examples of random deployment in wireless sensors networks

I have been doing some research and have found a lot of papers on the subject of random deployment in wireless sensor networks, but I haven't found a single example of its usage. Has it been used ...
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"Real World" Applications of an Efficient Root Finder

I don't know this is off-topic (if not, someone can direct me to the proper Stack), but here goes: Let's say there is some algorithm $T$ that can find the integer roots of any arbitrary real-valued ...
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What are some uses of the Thue-Morse sequence in computer science?

Note: I come from a mathematics background. The Thue-Morse sequence $t_n$ is a binary sequence that takes the value $0$ at the positive integer $n$ if the number of $1$s in its binary expansion is ...
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Is there a specific methodology for developing mobile applications?

I'm looking for a methodology made specifically for mobile applications development. I have read about Waterfall and Agile but they are more general. Also, I want a methodology for when there is only ...
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Alternatives to Unit Testing?

During a technical interview I was asked about ways to make sure code/software design is functional before deploying to any servers and the only thing I could think of was unit testing. My interviewer ...
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Why companies that create native mobile apps are forced to make duplicate versions on other platforms? [closed]

I am not computer savvy, so forgive me for asking why companies that create native mobile apps are forced to make duplicate versions on other platforms. "Duplicate" means the "same", so it means those ...
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What are examples of applications of the tree decomposition of a graph? [closed]

I am looking for specific applications of the tree decomposition (of a graph), because I want to motivate its existence. What are examples of problems that are more easily solvable using the junction ...
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Application deployement and network models [closed]

I am a self-taught in computer science. I am interested on have a robust test book on which study the nut and bolt of application deployment. I mean all the processes involved in getting new software ...
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Graph Coloring Real World Applications

I'd like to know whether recent graph coloring algorithms that one can find nicely listed here have found it's place in real world applications or are they just simply pushing boundaries in this ...
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What are some of the practical applications of functions that extract the exponent and mantissa of a floating point number?

I'm talking about functions such as Python's math.frexp() : math.frexp(x) Return the mantissa and exponent of x as the pair (m, e). m is a float and e is an integer such that x == m * 2**e ...
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Principle of locality for object-key data pairs

It seems that if we only have object-key cache then we won't have spatial locality and only temporal locality. I use memcached in a python application and that has only object-key pairs and no ...
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What are applications of Coin Change problem?

I've read so many about the Coin Change problem, debates about wheather it is solvable using Greedy, Dynamic Programming and so on. Nevertheless I cannot find an application of this problem. What ...
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What are applications to sort plain integer arrays?

A lot of research and engineering effort is put into finding fast methods to sort an array of integers; e.g., Java's runtime library has highly-tuned methods to sort arrays of each primitive type (see ...
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