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Questions tagged [applied-theory]

Theoretical results and techniques applied in practical settings.

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What are some applications of 2 stack pushdown automata?

What are some real world application for 2 stack pushdown automata, as i can only find pushdown automata applications in the internet
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Applications of min spanning trees

What are the significant applications of minimum spanning trees? After doing some research online and in several textbooks, I have found three real-world applications: Building a connected network. ...
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Sample applications based on First Order Logic

I often hear about benefits of FOL, but I wonder what are some of its real world applications? Could someone please provide samples/case studies of applications of FOL that address real world ...
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Practical implications of strongly polynomial time algorithm for linear programming

Why do people care about whether a strongly polynomial time algorithm for linear programming exists or not? Does this have any practical improvement?
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Is there a known FPRAS for this simple partition function?

I Let $G$ be the set of simple graphs on $n$ nodes. Given a $g \in G$, we denote the number of triangles in $g$ with $n(g)$. Given some positive real-valued parameter $w$, we define the the function $...
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Law as a computer science problem?

For a long time, computer scientists and logicians have noticed that law (statutes, contracts, adjudication, etc), has some similarity with formal logic and programming languages, and have approached ...
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Is super-exponential complexity useful in practice?

Exponential time-complexity has a useful application in "practical" CS: NP-problems, NP-complete problems. Knowledge about this obviously helps in everyday programming. Can you give an ...
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Solving the constraint portion of the input-encoding problem

The "input-encoding problem" is where the binary representations of symbolic input variables to a Boolean function are chosen to minimize the decode logic complexity. The "Espresso-MV&...
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Rules language / DSL expressivity measure

Languages to express domain rules are quite diverse from very simple and inexpressive to Turing-complete programming languages. If we consider developing some DSL (domain-specific language), is there ...
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