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(Zero-knowledge?) Proof of Connection

I have a conundrum to solve but am not knowledgeable enough about cryptography to know whether it's possible to do, and if so, what method to use. I am a Provider and my task is to prove to some ...
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What reason could a system have to limit the length of a password to 8 chars?

From time to time I see systems that don't allow passwords longer than 8 chars: isn't that a security risk? What am I missing, here, that might have lead to such decision?
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Do passwords need a max length?

I understand that password storage generally uses hashing for security due to it being irreversible and that the stored hash is just compared to the hash of the password inputed by a user attempting ...
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What is a Black Box attack against Machine Learning algorithms?

And is there an attack strategy that you can use to approximate the architecture of a machine learning system with the knowledge of class labels and some data points?
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Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs: zk-snarks and zk-stark

I read up on an abstract example of ZKPs (the cave and the door), but I'm trying to understand NIZKs (specifically zk-snarks and zk-stark). All the examples I can find online seem to have some ...
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Do ‘unspoofable’ email protocols exist?

Been getting a lot more spam lately and this question came to mind. We already use SSL certificates to authenticate websites, can we do something similar for email? If so, why do I still receive ...
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How does storing encrypted password provide secure authentication?

It's universally accepted that storing an unencrypted password for automated authentication is a very bad idea, for the saved password can be used by malware, etc. There is a number of systems that ...
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Password authentication over an insecure connection

I was thinking a way to send password to server secure way without using secure connection,I found one solution.I want to find flaw in this.(Note: I am begginer,dont judge me, I know little about ...
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why does message authentication using 2-universal family of hash functions require a prime number of possible hash values?

I am self-studying the book Intro to Algorithms 3ed by CLRS. One of the problems seems to give a piece of information that is not necessary, Problem 11-4 in the book states Let H be class of hash ...
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Can voice biometrics, (specifically voice recognition) application be used at windows logon screen? [closed]

I'm planning to develop an application in C# programming language for user authentication. Target platform = Newer Windows versions such as Windows 8/10. Your kind answers will be much appreciated. ...
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How would P2P Kriegspiel be designed?

Kriegspiel chess is a variant of chess in which each player is not aware of where the opponent's pieces are. In a human match, a trusted intermediary relays piece losses, legality of moves etc. This ...
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Zero-knowledge proof: Abstract example

So I was reading about ZKP on wikipedia, the abstract example in summary goes like this: Peggy wants to prove to Victor that she knows the secret to a door inside a cave that connect A and B ...
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User recognition through keystroke pattern

Hello thank you for taking time looking at this question. Is it possible to determine the keystroke patterns for a certain user? My idea is that, when the user enters their username & password it ...
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Can Eve impersonate Alice or Bob by using a replay attack?

For my computer science study, I have to design a replay attack (if possible) for the following authentication protocols. I use the standard security protocol notation. In these protocols, $A$ is ...
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Two Step Verification. 4 digits vs 6 digits

From a security level standpoint (such as Server, DataBase, Token Code, Authorization, Authentication, etc.) in regarding the Two Step Verification, usually Apple send a total of 4 digits security ...
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Is WPA2 with pre-shared key an example of a zero-knowledge proof?

When setting up an access point and selecting WPA2, one must manually enter a pre-shared key (a password), PSK, into both the AP and the STA. Both parties, AP and STA, must authenticate each other. ...
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Break an authentication protocol based on a pre-shared symmetric key, with message numbers

Consider the following protocol, meant to authenticate $A$ (Alice) to $B$ (Bob) and vice versa. $$ \begin{align*} A \to B: &\quad \text{“I'm Alice”}, R_A \\ B \to A: &\quad E(\langle 1, R_A\...
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Break an authentication protocol based on a pre-shared symmetric key

Consider the following protocol, meant to authenticate $A$ (Alice) to $B$ (Bob) and vice versa. $$ \begin{align*} A \to B: &\quad \text{“I'm Alice”}, R_A \\ B \to A: &\quad E(R_A, K) \...
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