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Constructing binary search tree from given data

The data are in alphabets. U, N, I, V, E, R, S, I, T, Y, O, F, P, O, K, H, A, R, A. Perform pre, in and post order traversals. I'm confused as how to construct it in the 1st place. Only sense i ...
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Why do we use multiple data structures? [duplicate]

I'm studying elementary data structures like Linked List, Doubly Linked List and Binary Trees like Binary Search Trees. Both runs in worst case O(n) in the same operations, so why don't we use only ...
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Should all internal node keys in B+ tree also be in the leaves?

I was reading about B+ tree insertion. The algorithm takes following form: Insert the new node as the leaf node. If the leaf node overflows, split the node and copy the middle element to the parent ...
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Facts about internal and external path lengths of binary tree

While learning binary tree's properties, I came across internal path length and external path length, number of comparisons required for successful and unsuccessful search. My book specifies some ...
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Find keys between $x$ and $y$ in binary search tree

Given $x$ and $y$, I want to find keys $k$ such that $x<k<y$, in a binary search tree. Can this be done in time $O(n + h)$, where $n$ is the number of keys between $x$ and $y$, and $h$ is the ...
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Binary Search Tree Traversal output validity and unique BST construction

I had two specific type of questions involving Binary Search Tree (not simple Binary Tree) traversals : Given x-order traversal output of BST, can we state if it is valid or invalid output? (For ...
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What is the advantage of leaf trees vs. node trees?

In the book "Advanced Data Structures", Chapter 2 ("Search Trees"), the author, Peter Braß, mentions two versions of binary trees (emphases in the quoted text are mine): "...two different models ...
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