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DNA as software and molecular machines as hardware

Several scientists view DNA as some kind of software. Chaitin suggests that life is an evolving software. Rothemund, Papadakis, and Winfree showed that DNA self-assembly can be used as a Turing-...
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In lieu of neural networks and deep learning, what are some approaches to computer vision?

So much software related to computer vision relies on AI and neural networks, I wonder some of the approaches which don't use those methods. How could some of the mainstays of computer vision (eg. ...
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what is the Recent Nature Inspired Algorithm for Optimization?

I'm into designing a recommender system for movie database and for effective optimization.I suggested the idea of using particle swamp optimization ,but my professors need recent algorithms,can any ...
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What is a program in self-replicating programs?

I'm trying to understand the workings of artificial life as exemplified by systems like Tierra or Avida. The idea behind these systems is that organisms are modeled as assembly-language programs that ...
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Stepping through a sequence of grouped logic gates

I'm performing a simulation of protein-protein interactions. I'm using Python to code logic gates as functions to model protein interactions. My model is basically a series of groups (...
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Can one consider living (biological) cell to be Turing Complete?

Universal Turing Machine can be boiled down to two components. Infinite tape of input and an action table, a finite state machine that moves read/write head along the tape and writes to it depending ...
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