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Questions tagged [boolean-complexity]

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Approximate the parity function in L1-norm

Consider the parity function $MOD_2(x) = x_1 \oplus \cdots \oplus x_n$ for $x \in \mathbb{F}_2^n$. I am concerned about the degree bounds for a real polynomial $f$ which approximates $MOD_2$ well in ...
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Lower Bound on Parity of Boolean Functions

Let's say we have boolean functions $f_1, \cdots, f_n$, each of which operates on pairwise disjoint variables (i.e. the variables for each function are unique to that function). Then, how can we show ...
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Algorithm design: Model redundancy in tests

I've run across an interesting problem at work that I'm not quite sure how to grapple. Broadly, there is a suite of of $n$ tests to ensure the quality of a product. However, the tests are both time-...
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Why is End-Of-The-Line defined in terms of "Arithmetic circuits" instead of "Boolean circuits"

The definition of PPAD (Polynomial parity arguments on directed graphs) revolves around the definition of "End-Of-The-Line" An exponentially large polynomial-depth arithmetic circuit, $f$, ...
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Formula for computing a specific Fourier coefficient of a boolean function

According to O'Donnell's book ``Analysis of Boolean Functions", in order to determine the Fourier coefficient of a boolean function $f$ on a subset $S$, we take an inner product of $\chi_S$ and $...
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