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What is the accepted term for the "stale-while-revalidate" cache strategy?

I was trying to look for docs and libraries about a cache akin to RFC 5861 where objects can be in three age states, fresh and expired (as usual), and a third where it can be returned immediately (as ...
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Doubts on Virtually Indexed,Physically tagged Cache

I tried referring a few material (videos on youtube and this link as well), but I still couldn't wrap my head around the concept. My (brief) understanding of the Virtually addressed, Physically ...
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Why isn't a valid bit used for associative cache in processors

Direct map cache uses a valid bit to effectively know if any data is present to a specific cache-slot (aka line/index). If this is the only use of this bit, then I believe, once a line has v-bit set, ...
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Problem regarding caching. Block offset, Set index and Tag

I am currently reviewing for my exam in computer architecture. I've run into a question in the old exam sets that I can't really figure out. The question is regarding caches, more specifically block ...
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Deterministic online caching algorithm competitive ratio lower bound proof

I don't understand the adversary based proof in CLRS for proving lower bound of Ω (k) on competitive ratio of any deterministic online caching algorithm given that ...
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Determine the main memory size using cache line and cache size

Assume a computer architecture with 32 bit address.The system has been designed with 1MB cache which comes with 64KB cache line(cache block size). 1.What is the maximum main memory capacity this ...
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Calculate number of cache lines per set or cache size

How can I calculate the number of cache lines per set or the cache size with the given information? m (number of physical address bits): 32 C (cache size): unknown B (Block size in bytes): 32 E (...
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