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Transitioning from mathematics to computer science

I'm a mathematics undergraduate interested in theoretical computer science, machine learning, and neuroscience. I wish to pursue graduate studies in computer science but I fear I might not be able to ...
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Combining study in AI with other Computer Science fields

I am studying for an MSc in AI and I am currently thinking about attending a bootcamp on a computer science subject. The motive is that I want to gain hands on experince on practical applications and ...
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How to get started with computational research after a PhD in Physics?

I have a PhD in theoretical physics, where I had worked on mathematical models of hydrodynamics around compact objects. I have basic knowledge of programming in C/C++ and Python. Currently, I am more ...
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What are the job names for researching neural networks & deep learning?

I am a student who wishes to research neural networks (ANN, CNN, RNN) and deep learning, write papers on those topics, and actively participate in forums like CVPR. My question is: Which professions ...
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What is considered being proficient in a programming language?

I am a college student looking to get into industry work soon and want to understand what employers consider 'proficient' when it comes to programming languages. Right now, I understand that to mean ...
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Should you post basic computer science homework to your github?

I am currently taking computer science coursework as part of a computer science related degree at my University. I was wondering if I should upload the solutions I make for various trivial homework ...
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Mathematical topics in computer science with applications

I just got my master's degree in mathematics, it was related to abstract algebra. I'm thinking about applying for a doctoral degree, however, I deeply want to study something with an "applied&...
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