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Interactions between predictive analytics, ML, and case-based and rules-based reasoning

For my studies on economy, I work on prediction of judicial decisions. I don't really understand the interactions between several concepts: predictive analytics machine learning case-based reasoning ...
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What is your approach to unveil the boundary cases when designing an algorithm?

When designing an algorithm for a given problem, sometimes I find it hard to foresee or clarify to myself what the boundary/edge/corner cases are. Not being able to come up with a decent number of the ...
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Reasoning approaches for implementing a Knowledge-based System?

What are the major approaches in implementing a Knowledge-based System (KBS)? Approaches used to take decisions in a KBS that I have come across so far are the case-based and rule-based reasoning ...
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What is the difference between Cased-based Reasoning and Rule-based reasoning?

As stated here, Rule-based Reasoning systems are considered to be "old style" AI that uses rules prepared by humans - as opposed to Neural Networks where machine recognizes pattern i.e. acquires new ...
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