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Questions tagged [consistency-model]

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How does waiting 7ms and atomic clock help GCP spanner create external consistency?

My understanding why distributed transaction need synchronized clock is the following Assume NTP max drift is 250ms ...
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Memory ordering and RMW instruction definitions

The typical definition of an RMW instruction with e.g. sequential consistency is an instruction where no memory operation can happen between the load and the store in the global memory order. Is there ...
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Proof that state-based (convergent) CRDTs are causally-consistent

Conflict-Free Replicated Datatypes (CRDTs) are a class of distributed data structures where replica states are allowed to temporarily diverge, but will eventually converge (in the absence of network ...
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Lamport Timestamps and Causality

I'm having trouble understanding lamport timestamps in practice and how they guarantee causal ordering. Definitions Lamport defines the "happens before" relationship in his paper. He states ...
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