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Questions tagged [data-sets]

Questions asking for real-life or benchmarking data sets.

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29 votes
2 answers

Where to get graphs to test my search algorithms against?

I am implementing a set of path finding algorithms such as Dijkstra's, Depth First, etc. At first I used a couple of self made graphs, but now I'd like to take the challenge a bit further and thus I'...
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1 vote
1 answer

What are good counter-examples when training an apple classifier? [closed]

I am doing a project in order to recognize an apple. (I am using Emgucv with Visual Studio 2010 C#, if that's relevant). My project is a classification (is or is not an apple). I have 2000 images of ...
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22 votes
4 answers

CPU frequency per year

I know that since ~2004, Moore's law stopped working for CPU clock speed. I'm looking for a graph showing this, but am unable to find it: most charts out there show the transistor count or the ...
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