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Questions tagged [databases]

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Does 2NF require 1NF?

From Database System Concepts, by Silberschatz, Korth and Sudarshan : A domain is atomic if elements of the domain are considered to be indivisible units. We say that a relation schema ...
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Who needs linearizability?

I've been reading about the differences between serializability and linearizability, which are both consistency criteria for replicated systems such as replicated databases. However, I don't know in ...
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Find similar vector by Locality Sensitive Hashing

I have many vectors in my database. They are in high dimensions such as: $v_1$ : $\langle 23, 23, 1, 33, 103, 219, \dots \rangle$ $v_2$ : $\langle 92, 83, 1, 33, 239, 192, \dots \rangle$ ... I will ...
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How to evaluate relations in a DAG?

To begin with: what I know of computer science is what friends have told me and what I've read on Wikipedia. Please correct me if I'm using some term wrongly, or if there is something I can clarify. ...
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What is semantic closure?

In the context of database theory, what does semantic closure mean (linguistically speaking, i.e. not the mathematical definition) If X is the set of attributes of $F$, then the semantic closure $F^+$...
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Resources about implementing a database table

I'd like to understand more how data can be stored on disk so it can be read quickly. I don't want to say database record because I'm not asking how to build a database. My question is closer to how ...
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