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Resources on designing query languages

I'm looking for resources (books, papers, tutorials) on designing domain-specific query languages. I'm mostly interested in the design of syntax and grammar, rather than the implementation. Any UX-...
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What is the difference between a Task-Specfic Programming (TSP) language and a Domain-Specific Language (DSL)?

As a software engineer, I am familiar with "domain-specific languages" (DSLs), such as PCRE and SQL, which aim to eschew complexity by only providing functionality specific to a given domain ...
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How to define a formal language for describing procedural activities

I do not have a formal computer science background here so I am looking for pointers. How would you advice I go about describing a formal way to describe procedures like cooking recipes, manufacturing ...
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If there is any research on Goal Based Programming (GBP)?

The more I think about programming and optimization, the more I think "why not just specify a goal and have the program figure out the optimal solution to it". I am familiar with basic "optimization ...
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Why was R designed as a 1-starting indexes language?

Spawning from here: We usually don't care whether indices start at $0$ or $1$ (except in the sense we'd rather start with our favourite if it doesn't matter, and the old joke is that set theorists ...
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Program synthesis based on function properties

I am fairly new at program synthesis and the use of SMT solvers for this purpose. Given a function g, I want to generate all the functions f and h such that the following holds: f . g = h . f Are ...
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How to create model for a powerful language whose programs are guaranteed to terminate?

I'm creating a powerful regular expression matching system that can be augmented by adding small microprograms to deterministic finite automaton (DFA) states. The microprogram solves the big bang ...
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What is the difference between ADTs and ASDLs?

ASDL stands for Abstract Syntax Description Language (ASDL), whereby ADT stands for Algebraic data type. By looking at Python.asdl it appears to me to be the same thingy, just with different names, ...
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Type system for Query DSL with only simple GADTs: what typing judgments are needed?

Background I have several F# codebases with reasonably high level of complexity of code. In order to convince myself that the code is solid I do whatever I can to write as much of it as possible type-...
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Languages with Multiple Arbitrary Return Values

I am designing a DSL for writing numerical simulations. I am working on a specific issue related to returning values from functions, and I am wondering if any other existing language solves the same ...
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Domain Specific Language for Data Structures

Question Does there exist a DSL for describing data structures and their manipulation? I realize that a "normal" programming language describes data structures, but they also do a lot more (e.g. IO)....
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Typed representation of a memory model

Assume a simple procedural language, where statements write and read from local memory via references and procedures accept arguments of n different scalar types (say floats, ints and strings) and ...
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Terminology needed for the computational solution to the Rubik's Cube

I apologize if this question is out of the guidelines of this forum. If it is please let me know and I will abstain from requesting definitions and terminology. Hello! I am currently writing a ...
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