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Recovering a point embedding from a graph with edges weighted by point distance

Suppose I give you an undirected graph with weighted edges, and tell you that each node corresponds to a point in 3d space. Whenever there's an edge between two nodes, the weight of the edge is the ...
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Efficient algorithm to fulfil a set of coordinate constraints

I have a set of labelled points and a set of distance constraints between pairs of points, consisting of a lower and upper distance bound. There is definitely an arrangement of the points in 3D space ...
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Given a vector of points, what is the fastest algorithm to find all pairs of points at a distance of 1?

Given a vector of points (on the 2D plane), what is the fastest algorithm to find all pairs of points at a distance of 1? Of course, I could use the $O(N^2)$ algorithm to check all pairs of points. ...
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Finding nearest of a list of points on Euclidian plane to a given reference point

Problem formulation: Given a list $L$ of $n$ points in the Euclidian plane and a reference point $R$ also in that plane, find a closest point $P\in L$ such that, for all $X\in L$, $|PR|\le|XR|$. ...
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Approach for algorithm to find closest 3-D object in a list of many similar objects to a given test case

Lets say I have a list of many (10s of thousands - millions) objects, and each of these objects has a given number of 3-D vertices (my current implementation uses 8 vertices each, but this number can ...
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