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Cosine distance in a space, and cheating?

I read an example of using cosine distance in RGB space, and it pointed out that (eg.) dark red and light red have a cosine distance (CD) of zero because CD only gives you the angle between vectors ...
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Scaling down a set of points into a smaller area

A visibility graph $G(P) = (V,E)$ of a set $P = \{p_1, \dots, p_n\}$ of points is defined as follows. Each vertex $u \in V$ corresponds to a point $p_u \in P$. There exists an edge $uv \in E$ if, and ...
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Computing the minimum distance between each pain of points

I am trying to read an algorithm for computing minimum distance between each pair of points from the book: Algorithm Design Algorithm Design It considers the points in a line. If the points are in ...
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Comparison between: Maximum Absolute Difference & Min Steps in Infinite Grid

There are two questions that I am trying to draw a comparison between: ...
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Does T5 or another embedding embed every possible length tokenization?

I’m curious about an embedding technique where every possible “tokenization” of a text gets an embedding - not just individuals words, but every single 2-gram, 3-gram, and n-gram. Does this exist? Or ...
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Efficient Method for Distance Comparison in Euclidean Space

I have a vector of 2D Euclidean coordinates, and I need to find out if two or more points are within a distance threshold. The naive approach is to compare each point with every other point, but I am ...
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Euclidean space vs metric space in density clustering algorithms

I'm trying to find out if these algorithm still work if i replace the Euclidean space with metric space defined on the input point set. But i'm having some trouble figuring it out for some of them. I ...
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Clustering non-overlapping time series

I have thousands of times series of different length and different time. I want to group them together so that I know the optimal ones to pick as input for a ML algorithm and to document how they are ...
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