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Questions about formal grammars, generative descriptions of formal languages.

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Are the Before and After sets for context-free grammars always context-free?

Let $G$ be a context-free grammar. A string of terminals and nonterminals of $G$ is said to be a sentential form of $G$ if you can obtain it by applying productions of $G$ zero or more times to the ...
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How can I prove this language is not context-free?

I have the following language $\qquad \{0^i 1^j 2^k \mid 0 \leq i \leq j \leq k\}$ I am trying to determine which Chomsky language class it fits into. I can see how it could be made using a context-...
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Can every linear grammar be converted to Greibach form?

Can every linear grammar be converted to a linear Greibach normal form, a form in which all productions look like $A \rightarrow ax$ where $a \in T$ and $x \in V \cup \{\lambda\}$? ($T$ is the set of ...
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Given a string and a CFG, what characters can follow the string (in the sentential forms of the CFG)?

Let $\Sigma$ be the set of terminal and $N$ the set of non-terminal symbols of some context-free grammar $G$. Say I have a string $a \in (\Sigma \cup N)^+$ such that $x a y \in \mathcal{S}(G)$ where $...
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Decidable non-context-sensitive languages

It is arguable that most languages created to describe everyday problems are context-sensitives. In the other hand, it is possible and not hard to find some languages that are not recursive or even ...
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Are there inherently ambiguous and deterministic context-free languages?

Let us call a context-free language deterministic if and only if it can be accepted by a deterministic push-down automaton, and nondeterministic otherwise. Let us call a context-free language ...
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Is there any nongeneral CFG parsing algorithm that recognises EPAL?

EPAL, the language of even palindromes, is defined as the language generated by the following unambiguous context-free grammar: $S \rightarrow a a$ $S \rightarrow b b$ $S \rightarrow a S a$ $S \...
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Language theoretic comparison of LL and LR grammars

People often say that LR(k) parsers are more powerful than LL(k) parsers. These statements are vague most of the time; in particular, should we compare the classes for a fixed $k$ or the union over ...
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What is the significance of context-sensitive (Type 1) languages?

Seeing that in the Chomsky Hierarchy Type 3 languages can be recognised by a state machine with no external memory (i.e., a finite automaton), Type 2 by a state machine with a single stack (i.e. a ...
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How to convert a non-embedding context free grammar to regular grammar?

A context-free grammar is said to be self-embedding if and only if contains a derivation of the form $\xi\stackrel*\Rightarrow u\xi v$, where $\xi$ is a non-terminal and $u$, $v$ are some non-empty ...
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