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Is Self-Modifying Turing Machine equivalent to NTM or TM?

Let SMTM be Turing Machine, but the commands recorded in which can change to others in some random way (for example, choose with a 50/50 probability the command to move to the right or move to the ...
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Is an AND gate which is noisy 1/3 of the time on only one of its inputs universal?

Imagine you have a noise-free NOT gate, and an AND gate with the usual truth table 00 0 01 0 10 0 (*) 11 1 but such that the case (*) is wrong 1/3 of the time, ...
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Title matching against human input

I am attempting to match human input of titles to a list of titles, and also show likely candidates when a human enters a title not known. Ideally I'd also have some way to suggest the human input of ...
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What is µ A below ~ x in the Fuzzy Logic

I am reading the book "Fuzzy Logic with Engineering" written by Timothy J. Ross and there is a phrase in the book at page 90, he mentions about the "Features of the Membership Function". He says: ...
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Algorithm for efficiently sorting large lists based on user preference

I’ll preface this question by saying I’m having a difficult time even formulating the problem, so my explanation might be fuzzy and/or I might be missing obvious solutions. I have a list of 479 books ...
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Are there any estimated, imperfect or fuzzy sorting algorithms?

I'm implementing some estimation metrics that take samples of optimisation functions and estimate their properties. One of the metrics requires the data to be sorted; however, since the metric is only ...
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How can fuzzy logic be applied to computer language design?

Is fuzzy logic in any way applicable to general-purpose language design? If yes, then how would a computer language theoretically benefit from first order support of fuzzy logic?
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Let me know about ANFIS premise prameters

I wanna ask about Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) method. I used clustering to find fuzzy rules and used the mean and deviation standard of each cluster for initialization of the first ...
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How do analogue computers perform logical operations?

My idea of analogue computers had been that they were the discrete version of digital computers, with fuzzy logic operations returning values in the interval [0, 1] instead of Boolean operations. ...
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physical significance of membership function greater than one

In fuzzy logic, when we associate an element with a set, we usually do it in terms of membership grade which suggests the "belonging" of this element to the set. Membership grade value 0 means that ...
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