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Semi-automatic layout algorithms for a mind map

There're some existing tree layout algorithms such as Tidier Drawings of Trees and Drawing Non-layered Tidy Trees in Linear Time. I call them as automatic layout algorithms since positions of nodes ...
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Algorithm for drawing AST-es?

One of the features the compiler for my programming language is supposed to have is the ability to draw AST-es, to make it easier to detect when syntax doesn't mean exactly what the programmer meant. ...
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Machine Learning to draw a topology of elements

I'm exploring the idea of using machine learning to draw a topology of elements. For example, imagine a tree representing geological hierarchy (country -> province -> city). All countries are at ...
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Longest-Path Layering algorithm

NOTES: there are a myriad of graph data structures, I use a spin-off of a directed adjacency hash. the code provide in this post is python3 on the premise that it ...
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Is there a 2D-layout algorithm for DAGs that allows the positions on one axis to be fixed?

I've got a DAG of around 3.300 vertices which can be laid out quite successfully by dot as a more or less simple tree (things get complicated because vertices can ...
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