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1 answer

What are some interesting applications of the skyline problem?

You are given a set of $n$ rectangles in no particular order. They have varying widths and heights, but their bottom edges are collinear, so that they look like buildings on a skyline. For each ...
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3 answers

Intuition for convolution in image processing

I have read many documents about convolution in image processing, and most of them say about its formula, some additional parameters. No one explains the intuition and real meaning behind doing ...
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1 answer

Convert NURBS curve into Cubic Bezier Curve

From this: Maybe you already know this, but it's impossible to convert nurbs to bezier splines exactly because nurbs are rational functions, and bezier splines are polynomials. I don't understand ...
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Algorithms to convert 2D videos to 3D ones

Are there published algorithms that can convert 2D videos to 3D ones? If there are few published algorithms for this I am also interested to know how the conversion quality is.
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5 answers

Google's Deep Dreamer

I was just wondering on a more technical side, if anyone could explain what Google does to create these amazing images from it's deep dream system. Could anyone explain to me in a step by step way, ...
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What's the relationship of max-flow-min-cut and Markov Random Fields?

I am trying to follow this paper [1]. There is a relationship between Markov Random Fields (MRF) to max-flow-min-cut. An MRF can be represented as an undirected graph, and you can find flow through it,...
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