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High availability in a generic parallel workload scenario

Let's say I have a compute workload that is so large that it has to be spread between 10 identical server nodes, each with processors, memory, storage and network interfaces, and the workload requires ...
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What can be the topic of my assignment for presentation about overall computing performance?

I have received the below question for presentation. It was random assignment, its not my field. What is this specifically in Computer Architecture? how CPU and GPU architecture, memory bandwidth/...
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Difficulty understanding how federation increases cache performance for databases?

I am studying system design for distributed systems and in this page (, one of the following advantages was mentioned for federation for databases ...
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Is there a way to convert FLOPS to bit operation per second

My problem is the following: I have $N$ inner products to compute in parallel every second. Each of the vectors in those inner product is composed of $7$ bits. I want to know for which $N$ it starts ...
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What is the difference between FLOPS and OPS?

I have typically heard computer performance discussed in terms of FLOPS. However, I have recently seen multiple references instead using OPS i.e. operations per second, typically in the context of Big ...
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Explanation of roofline model

I am currently studying the roofline model. Wikipedia [2] shows the following example graph: The diagonal line shows $\beta * I$. But I do not understand why this line does not go through the zero ...
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How fast we can run 128-bit LCG generator?

Let's consider some 128-bit LCG generator mod $2^{128}$, with some random 128-bit multiplier and increment. How fast we can run it using the same tricks like in AES:
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Is it possible to generate a better random number generator algorithm from an algorithm that use N computers with one that uses N+1 computers?

Is it possible to generate a better random number generator algorithm from an algorithm that use N number of computers with an algorithm that uses N+1 number of computers? I use the word computer here,...
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Can a classical supercomputer solve a large Max-Cut Problem?

The Fugaku is the most powerful computer. Its performance is 442,010 TFlop/s. That number does not mean much to a layman like me. I want to know how fast it can solve a hard problem. For example, can ...
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Why is it not a good idea to branch a thread outside of a parallel region while other threads are still executing?

Say I have $n$ threads executing in a parallel region and one of them leaves the parallel region when others are still continuing to execute in the parallel region. Why this is a $BAD$ idea? For ...
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