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Independent sets generation in a graph

Is there an algorithm that, given an undirected graph and one independent set IS1, finds an other independent set IS2 by adding and deleting vertices from the first IS1?
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How to express that a graph has Independent set of size at least $n/2$ in $\exists SO$

I am looking to provide a formula saying "A graph with $n$ vertices has an independent set $X$ of size at least $n/2$" in existentional second order logic. (This is exercise 1.2. from Libkin'...
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Densest Sub Graph and forbidden Pairs

Given two graphs $G$ and $F$ on the same vertex set $V$. Compute a sub set $\tilde{V}\subset V$ which' sub graph of $G$ is of maximum density and does not have any pair that is connected in $F$. ...
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Maximum Independent Set of a Tree using Greedy Algorithm

I was attempting to solve "Maximum Independent Set of a Tree" and came up with an algorithm that resembled this one Why is greedy algorithm not finding maximum independent set of a graph? ...
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Is maximal independent set on maximal planar graphs still NP-complete?

We know that finding the size of the maximal independent set of a planar graph is NP-complete. I'm curious about whether it remains NP-complete for maximal planar graphs, i.e., the graphs in which ...
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Prove the expected size of the independence set got by a random algorithm is at least 1/d of the maximum size

I am doing an exercise related to maximizing Independent Set, I have $G = (V = \{v_1, . . . , v_n\}, E)$ as an undirected graph. This graph as $n!$ possible orderings for the vertices $V$. If we pick ...
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Why is Independent Set "at least" and Vertex Cover "at most" k

The decision version of the Independent Set and Vertex Cover problems are phrased as: Given a graph G and a number k, does G contain an independent set of size at least k? Given a graph G and a ...
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