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How extended logical blocks are mapped to physical device pages?

I'm reading "Decibel: Isolation and Sharing in Disaggregated Rack-Scale Storage" (PDF). On page 6, the author illustrates the concept of "Extended Logical Block"), which is similar to "Data Integrity ...
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1 answer

Computer Networks: Does integrity depend on confidentiality?

I'm taking the course computer networks and we currently had our second lecture. We got the following question: What are the differences between integrity and confidentiality of a message? Is ...
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1 answer

Monitoring files in preservation archives

What are efficient and accurate techniques for monitoring the recoverability and integrity of files in very large preservation archives? In very large archives, the time taken to recompute checksums ...
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Security Lattice Construction

I am having a problem trying to solve a question on a past paper asking to design a security lattice. Here is the question: The AB model (Almost Biba) is a model for expressing integrity policies ...
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