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How a computer works?

I know that a computer can be mechanical, screws/nuts or even water/pipes. Of course, it would be slow and big, but it doesn't have to be electric, transistors, etc. How can a machine like this do all ...
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Where should I start to understand how computers work? [duplicate]

I am interested in how computers work but I have no idea how the concept of 0's and 1's converts to making possible for people to control a computer by programming. I would like to understand from ...
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P vs NP and Angle Trisection (serious question)

I have a question. Please be nice; I come from the corporate world and my knowledge of computer theory is around a college freshman level. My understanding from many popular-level sources (like Scott ...
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Algorithmic problem with many different time/space complexity solutions

I am preparing a lesson about algorithmic thinking for beginner programmers. I would like to show them an easy to understand problem which has as many solutions as possible with different time or ...
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