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Visualizing How of KD-tree Data Structure Splits Space

Not sure if I can use a figure, but I am trying to understand how KD-tree works when we insert a node and how it splits the xy plane, please. Below $[5, 4]$ splits the xy-plane into left and right ...
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Adaptive kD-trees

In classical kD-trees, the splitting dimension is chosen using a simple and systematic rule: dimensions are taken in a round-robin fashion. But extra freedom is available because you could very well ...
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Rank of random binary string with Bernoulli distribution

For $1\ge p_1 \ge \dots \ge p_n \ge 0$, and for $i\in[n]$ draw $k$ iid binary strings with $m$ length: $$X_{i,1},\dots,X_{i,k}\stackrel{iid}{\sim} \text{Bernoulli}(p_i)^m.$$ Viewing these binary ...
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Lower bound for querying KD tree

In the book Computational Geometry, Algorithms and Applications there is an exercise asking: In the proof of the query time of the kd-tree we found the following recurrence: $$ Q(n)= \begin{cases}O(1)...
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Find a bipartition of points using blackbox

Suppose given $n$ pair of points $P=\{(p_1,q_1),\dots,(p_n,q_n)\}$ in the plane that each pair $(p_i,q_i)\in \mathbb{R}^2$ can't belong to the same group. We want to partition points into $K$ groups ...
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