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Is it possible to sort numbers in linear time and constant extra space?

The programming language is C++, and the elements of the input vector are of type int and able to take all valid ...
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Sorting rational numbers in linear time

I am currently studying algorithms and computational complexity at University. I have recently got through three questions I found in an old exam: Is it possible to sort in asymptotically linear time ...
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Proving that this Huffman tree construction is valid

"Abstract": I have recently crafted a new algorithm for constructing code trees which I believe are optimal (the same thing that is constructed using Huffman's algorithm, at Wikipedia). It ...
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number of substrings in same position with same contents

L1 and L2 are two lists which only consist of X's and Y'...
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Algorithm for finding a path in a directed graph that visits each node in a given subset

I was wondering about a solution for the following problem: Given a directed graph $G=(V,E)$ and a subset of vertices $U \subseteq V$ suggest an algorithm that finds if there is a directed path that ...
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Design an algorithm with linear complexity

Let A[1 : n] be a vector of n integers such that all elements except O(n^2/3) elements are between 1 and 10n. Design an algorithm with linear complexity that sorts A. Beyond the algorithm, what I can'...
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Show that $\text{BOOL-VAL}$ and $\text{DNF-SAT}$ is decidable in linear time

A boolean expression is valid if it is true for every valuation. The problem $\text{BOOL-VAL}$ asks whether a given boolean expression is valid. As the question suggests I need to show that $\text{...
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2 answers

Finding minimal amount of coins to reach n

According to my syllabus, this is a dynamic programming problem yet the explanation to the problem I’m supplied with is really confusing and not close to being understandable. The problem is such: You ...
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Limited tapes-version TM for pair sum

In the problem of pair-sum we are given a multiset $A$ and a number $\alpha$. We are asked to find whether there is a pair ($2$ numbers) of $A$ s.t. their sum is $\alpha$. Here all numbers are small/...
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Is O(k*n) in this case linear?

Problem: find sum of k element in array and it is biggest? time complexity of my algorithm is O(k*n).Is it linear complexity?
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Find distinict elements in an array in $O(n)$ time

Given this pseudo-code that finds the number of distinct elements in the given array: ...
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Time complexity $O(m+n)$ Vs $O(n)$

Consider this algorithm iterating over $2$ arrays $(A$ and $B)$ size of $ A = n$ size of $ B = m$ Please note that $m \leq n$ The algorithm is as follows ...
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In-place linear sort of integers, again

I am amazed by the many discussion regarding the existence of any linear and in-place sorting algorithm, and variants, see e.g. is-this-implementation-of-bucket-sort-considered-in-place is-counting-...
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Shortest path that can be split into contiguous segments of 5 edges connecting 6 distinct nodes in an unweighted graph

The following problem (I'm paraphrasing) appeared in the 2019 Balkan Olympiad in Informatics: Five friends are on a road trip in a country with $N$ cities and $M$ bidirectional roads joining them. ...
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How do I calculate the average number of comparisons for linear search?

In a list of 15 entries (city names) if searching for a particular name what is the average number of comparisons using linear search? Worst case it would 15 comparisons and best case it would be 1 ...
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Finding the most frequent element assuming $\Theta(n)$ frequency

We know [Ben-Or 1983] that deciding whether all elements in an array are distinct requires $\Theta(n \log(n))$ time; and this problem reduces to finding the most frequent element, so it takes $\Theta(...
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