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Questions tagged [mathematical-foundations]

Questions about the relation of (subfields of) computer science to the relevant mathematical foundations and their application.

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Why is writing down mathematical proofs more fault-proof than writing computer code?

I have noticed that I find it far easier to write down mathematical proofs without making any mistakes, than to write down a computer program without bugs. It seems that this is something more ...
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Resources for studying the mathematical foundations of machine learning, for someone from a math/physics background

I am a soon-to-be physics graduate student with a background in theoretical and experimental cosmology. In my work, I've often found myself applying machine learning models and techniques for the ...
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A general picture of formal verification in software

I'm trying to piece together a general picture of the state of formal software verification, and I'm having a good bit of trouble. For context, I come from mostly a math background. I'm quite familiar ...
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Are the sets in $\Sigma_{p}$ (or $\Pi_{p}$) totally ordered?

Are the sets in each stage of the arithmetic hierarchy well-ordered, with respect to : $T-$reductions, or $m-$reductions? It is something which I have been unclear with for a while (from a ...
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Is discrete math enough for computer science ? Or there other Math topics that I should also learn With it?

I want to learn computer science, SO is discrete math enough for computer science ? Or there other Math topics that I should also learn With it ? I don’t have specific topic that I care more about ...
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Help in understanding how to apply nonlinear function in hashing

Can somebody help in brainstorming how to apply the map as a hashing function? I am aware that chaos is used in cryptography but I fail to understand how to apply it. Most popular hashing techniques ...
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how long will it take to execute a ten-stage pipeline

Suppose you design a computer with a ten-stage Pipeline to execute one instruction, with each stage taking 5nsec A)how long ...
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