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Algorithm to maximize generated maze score

I need to generate maze with 100x100 rooms. Each room connected only with 1 other room. Here are example of correct 2x2 mazes: +-+-+ |...| +-+.+ |...| +-+-+ And ...
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Pathfinding in a known maze with step limitations, points of interest and more

I hope this is the correct subpage of SE, if not please direct me to the more appropriate place. Imagine the following scenario: You are put into a random but known position inside a given maze. The ...
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Implementation check for Kruskal's algorithm used for maze generation

I have a pathfinding project and I want to use Kruskal's algorithm as a maze generator. I am using a rank-based disjoint set data structure to detect cycles, which seems to be the standard way. ...
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Exit quickly from a maze with a local view of the maze

How to efficiently exit from a maze where you know the initial position of the player (1,1), the exit (49,49)? You don't know the maze configuration but you know where your player is, and which ...
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Why is backtracking a necessary step in the Maze problem?

The problem I am working on is specifically this: A Maze is given as N*N binary matrix of blocks where source block is the upper left most block i.e., maze[0][0] and destination block is lower ...
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Solving a maze with DFS vs "wall following"

Consider a problem where a "robot cleaner" is placed on a room modeled as a grid. Each cell in the grid can be empty or blocked and all accessible cells are connected, meaning, all empty cells will be ...
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"Visited" vs "Seen" Positions in Breadth-First Search

I'm struggling to understand why there is such a radical difference in the execution time and number of steps required by two seemingly similar algorithms for Breadth-First Search in a 2d grid. In ...
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How to find a path in maze with navigator physical size constraints?

Assuming a 2D maze, how would one go about solving it for rigid 2D object moving through it? Additional specification: The object shape - it is a single entity, not a swarm/fleet. A shape of ...
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Solve Maze Without Feedback

Suppose that we have the following maze (_ = open, + = blocked), and we can move left,right,up,down: ...
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